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Published On: August 10, 20201.3 min read

How to Clean a Check Scanner

Now, more than ever, it’s important for financial institutions to keep costs predictable and people safe. Conducting preventative maintenance regularly, on all equipment helps businesses protect the longevity of the equipment itself, and also ensures customers and employees are using clean machines.

Our new series, “Financial Equipment Tips & Tricks” provides helpful ways to keep your equipment in peak condition. To find more tips about Financial Equipment, check out what our experts have shared on other pieces of equipment, such as self-service coin sorters.

How to Clean Check Scanners

Take care when cleaning these units.

Prior to cleaning, make sure all endorsing options are turned off.  Running the printer portion of the scanner during the cleaning process can damage the cleaning card and spread ink all over the sensors and check path.

  • Remove paperclips, staples, debris from the unit
  • Use a can of compressed air to keep the track clean – spray from the back of the track to the front
  • Clean the drive rollers with cleaning cards. Run the card through the unit approximately 5-8 times.
  • If there are dark streaks when scanning images, and the cleaning card does not seem to help, you may need to wipe the imaging sensor/camera glass with an alcohol wipe.  Be cautious, as you do not want to scratch the glass, as it could ruin the sensor/camera.
  •  Every few cleaning cycles, you may want to use a cleaning swab for additional cleaning of the drive rollers.

 If you need cleaning pads, contact your Equips Account Advisor or marketing@equips.com to help you make a purchase.