There are two big challenges that every business eventually faces, and I don’t mean death and taxes. It’s training new hires and getting the employees you already have to learn a new process or platform. We get it—change is scary—but the Equips asset management platform is so simple and easy to use that we promise it’ll be a cinch to integrate into your branch’s day-to-day.

Asset Management Platform of the Future

OK, maybe you don’t spend all day fantasizing about a better way to deal with equipment maintenance, service requests, or ordering consumables (neither do we!). But perhaps you should. You can do all that and more in under a minute with just a few clicks on our cloud inventory platform.

You might think to yourself, “OK, sounds great, but my process is working fine and nobody’s complaining about it.” The thing is, all of those minutes add up when you have to exhume an ancient spreadsheet, look up the exact machine that’s giving you problems, figure out who to contact, and get the ball rolling on repairs. And that’s if the process runs smoothly. The problem with ancient spreadsheets, after all, is that they have a habit of loading slowly or even going missing.

In contrast, you could simply fire up Equips and get everything started with just a few clicks. We’re not exaggerating here, I promise. If your employee can read a button, click that button, and fill out a form, they can handle all of your asset management needs faster than it will take you to read this article.

Integrate Smart Dispatch

While it’s nice to handle things faster and easier than you ever have before—really nice—what if you didn’t have to lift a finger to debug and even fix your ATM fleet? That’s exactly what the Smart Dispatch is there for.

You can quickly configure Smart Dispatch to automatically reboot individual components if they have issues, saving you from taking the entire machine offline. If the problem isn’t fixed, however, it’ll progress to that step after-hours to see if a full reboot will sort everything out. If none of that works, a technician is automatically scheduled and dispatched to get things working again. And all of that happens for every machine in your fleet without you doing anything other than turning the feature on.

The Preventive Maintenance scheduling tool is a powerful way to get proactive with your equipment before it becomes a problem. You can schedule everything at once, months in advance, and not have to worry about juggling multiple vendors and technicians. Go live your life—we got this.

Chain of Command

If making service requests and ordering inventory is so easy on the asset management platform, then what happens if your employees go mad with power and put in tons of duplicate service requests? Or they have so much fun submitting service requests that they start doing it for every piece of equipment that you own?

OK, it probably doesn’t go down exactly like that, but we have built a lot of functionality into Equips to help your team collaborate efficiently and effectively. For duplicate requests, we automatically flag it with a pop up notification to let you cancel, escalate the issue, or place a second service request if there’s a reason to do so.

For teams, you can build workflows to route the right things to the right users with stakeholders involved, and trade notes to make it easy to hand things off.

Jump on Board the Equips Train

Your equipment is important. For many of your customers, it’s 95% of their customer experience with your financial institution. That means you need things to work 100% of the time, and we’ve got you covered. If you want to see just how easy your life can be with Equips in the picture, schedule a free 30-minute demo with a member of our team below.

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