Extraco Banks stands out in Social Media. Their Facebook page is active and engaging. Equips was fortunate enough to sit down with Extraco Banks’ Social Media Marketing Specialist, Carina Yebra, to learn about how she uses social media to increase their outreach, enhance engagement, and maximize growth for the bank. She successfully attracts customers and community partners to their Facebook page. Yebra discusses their social media strategy, community awareness, success rate and Extraco Banks’ company culture. Here are some things we learned:

Interview with Successful Bank’s Social Media Specialist

Q&A with Carina Yebra

Extraco Banks

Social Media Marketing Specialist

What is your ratio when balancing posts with self-promotion vs community engagement?

Extraco Banks uses a 75/25 community engagement to self-promotion ratio. We are unique for a community bank because we span 12 cities and are active in all of them. We pride ourselves on our commitment to build people and communities and we want our social media to reflect that.

What is your strategy?

Any bank can promote their products and services, but few have employees and customers as engaged as ours are. We love to find stories of how our employees are living out Extraco’s mission and promote those. Any community activity we participate with is in line with our core values. We find that when people relate to what we care about or support, they’re more likely to then look into our other services.

What are some of the metrics used to measure your social media success?

We measure the typical metrics of impressions and engagement, but we also look to see numbers of unique viewers by area and type. That helps us get a better idea of our typical audience and their locations. We’re using this data as we go into our next phase of social media—making Facebook pages for our 15 locations.

What have you learned about social media?

Social media is such a great tool to engage with wide variety of individuals (including non-customers). It has allowed us to measure sentiment about Extraco Banks on a more frequent basis. We’ve also found it to remove some of the barriers we previously had with reaching our more rural areas. Social media is ever-changing so it’s important for us to track the changes and features within social media in order to be more effective in reaching our current and potential customer base.

What can we look forward to for the future of your social media platform?

Extraco is entering a new phase of growth when it comes to digital media. We’re about to hit the ground running and begin creating social media for all of our locations so that we can better inform and communicate with our customers across several regions. We are so excited to see where this takes us!


Check out Extraco Banks’ Facebook page to see how interactive, engaging and informative it is. Extraco’s social media strategy and statistics continue growing every day.  They have more than 340 employees across 12 cities. Their mission is to build people, businesses and communities with creative and innovative excellence. See how their leadership and corporate values (doing the right thing, putting family first, creating an exceptional experience) are portrayed in their social media page and everything that they do.

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