When a key piece of equipment breaks down in a factory, it can cost the plant a lot of money. That said, Facilities Managers have a hard job because they are the ones responsible for maintaining the facilities and equipment needed for production. Every moment of downtime is money out the window. As the team member that is responsible for maximizing uptime, the pressure gets put on you to get the problem solved quickly and efficiently. Being a Facilities Manager, you don’t always get the recognition you deserve when your industrial equipment works well. However, frustration often gets directed your way when things don’t go according to plan. Equips is a software that specializes in industrial maintenance support so you can keep your equipment running longer. Here are 5 ways Equips can make your life easier.

#1 Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

You obviously understand the importance of keeping to a diligent preventive maintenance schedule, but what about the rest of your team? Unless your entire team is on board with your preventive maintenance schedule, you risk having preventive maintenance delayed or forgotten. This can lead to costly repairs and extended downtime in the future. Luckily for you, we added the Preventive Maintenance Scheduler tool to the Equips web application. This allows you to set your preventive maintenance schedule ahead of time so it is never forgotten. When preventive maintenance becomes due, a work order is automatically sent to your team with specific tasks and instructions. If you use external service providers for your preventive maintenance, you can also dispatch them to come and service your equipment without having to pick up the phone and call them. Pretty neat, huh?

#2 Cloud-based Inventory Database

Honestly, we are truly baffled by the number of manufacturers that we talk to that tell us they use spreadsheets to manage their equipment inventory. There are two things very wrong with this. For starters, have you ever heard of this thing called Equipment Sabotage? Equipment Sabotage is a term that describes when a cybercriminal accesses your network without your consent. They use malware to cause the devices and equipment connected to your network to behave harmfully, often shutting down entirely. When this happens, factories need way more than a little industrial maintenance support. Using Equips, you store all of your equipment and facilities information securely in our cloud-based inventory database, which keeps this information out of the hands of bad guys. Better yet, you can access your database anywhere with an internet connection.

Secondly, using a spreadsheet requires a lot of manual updates. Oftentimes, your team and service providers will have notes and feedback about the maintenance they performed. These are communicated verbally, via email, through text messages—basically through every method besides maybe pigeon post. You really need a way to centralize all this information into one place. The Equips web application is your one-stop shop for recording notes and feedback for all your equipment and facilities maintenance tasks.

#3 Smart Dispatch

With Equips, your store all your equipment and facilities information in the cloud. This comes in super handy when it is time to request maintenance. As you set up your account, you will provide information regarding the parties responsible for each piece of equipment, including external service providers. Then when it is time to service your equipment, simply select the location of the equipment, the equipment category, and the device that is giving you trouble. Then, select the issue you are experiencing from a list of possible problems and add any additional notes that might be necessary. Lastly, select Submit Service Request. Boom! That’s all you need to do. Equips will then route your request to the party you assigned to the equipment so they can get to work. The entire process of requesting service only takes about 15 seconds.

#4 Automated Maintenance History

The best way to record all the maintenance performed on your equipment is to have it done for you automatically. You are probably sick and tired of updating your spreadsheet with new service records every time maintenance is performed. When you place a service request with Equips, we automatically record every detail of the service performed. That way, you can stop adding new notes to your spreadsheet and see the entirety of your maintenance history in Equips. You can also use your maintenance history to create saved database views. Views provide organized information about repair status, billing, previous service requests, and the types of issues your equipment has experienced. These saved database views can also help you identify areas where your manufacturing operation could use more industrial maintenance support.

#5 Chronic Issue Alerts

Since Equips records all of your service events automatically, wouldn’t it be nice if it could also help you diagnose chronic equipment issues? Thanks to our outstanding technology team, Equips can diagnose chronic equipment issues for you. We help you save money by alerting you of these problems before things get too costly. When your equipment frequently experiences the same issue, it can put you in a pickle. Do I just keep repairing the darn thing or should I replace it altogether and be done with it? When this happens, we recommend reaching out to your Account Advisor. We will help you explore repair and replacement options so you can make the most cost-effective decision for your manufacturing operation. How’s that for industrial maintenance support?

Industrial Maintenance Support with Equips

To learn more about how Equips can help keep the equipment in your factory up and running, be sure to schedule a free demo with a member of our Solutions Team. We look forward to learning more about your needs and showing you more of the awesome features Equips has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today!

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