Many vendors that perform lab equipment repair services are beginning to offer full-service maintenance repair solutions for their clients. In return, the client agrees to a long-term maintenance contract and allows the service provider to maintain and repair all the equipment listed on the contract, and as soon as it breaks down. This seems to be the solution for laboratories that have a decent understanding of their equipment maintenance needs and have a service vendor that they know well and trust. Unfortunately, not every laboratory has “the guy” that they can turn to for their lab equipment repair needs. That’s where we come in. In this article, we will discuss common equipment maintenance problems that laboratories face. We will also discuss how the Equips web application can simplify the equipment maintenance process by connecting you to the right service providers at the right times, every time.

Common Lab Equipment Management Issues

Knowing Who to Call

At Equips, our goal is to get rid of as many “now what?” situations as we can. In other words, we want to eliminate the confusion that sometimes happens after a piece of important equipment goes down. Knowing where to turn in these situations reduces downtime. Those that don’t know where to turn often end up having to find a new service provider. Often, service providers do not prioritize new customers as they would current ones.

Vendor Integrity

Any good service provider will keep a detailed log of the maintenance they perform, including the reason for the fault. Over time, your service provider will begin to recognize chronic equipment issues. Unfortunately, a lot of service providers will not disclose these findings to you. Why? It is simple, if you knew that your equipment was experiencing a chronic issue, you might choose to replace it instead of calling them every time it breaks down. They don’t make money unless your equipment breaks down.

Administrative Nonsense

Phone calls, contract management, and billing—while all of these tasks are certainly a component of how most laboratories manage equipment, they certainly don’t have to be (more on this later). Think about it, the goal of any lab equipment repair is to quickly diagnose the issue and get help as soon as possible so you can get back to running your experiments. When you must call the service provider, manage the service agreements for your equipment, and process the billing yourself, you are taking away time and focus from your experiment. You don’t need such nonsense—you have an important job to do.

Lab Equipment Repair with Equips

Connecting You to the Right Service Provider

Equips is your one-stop shop for all things lab equipment repair. Here is how it works. We begin by storing your equipment information in our cloud-based inventory system. We detail the types of equipment that you have, their location, and the service provider that you use when that equipment needs service. This eliminates any chance of having another “now what?” moment in your lab. Should your equipment need service, simply login to your Equips account, select the asset that needs repair, the issue you are experiencing and hit Submit Service Request. We will handle the dispatch process for you so you get prompt service. Have a piece of equipment with no service provider? No big deal—we can recommend one from our network of over 500 service vendors.

Understanding Your Lab Equipment

Hopefully, you work with service vendors that value integrity. But in case you don’t, Equips has a solution. When you submit a service request, that information gets automatically stored in your Automated Maintenance History log. You can create saved database views in Equips to allow you to better understand your maintenance history, see outstanding bills, and know which equipment needs maintenance at any given moment. In fact, Equips can use smart technology to recognize maintenance patterns and diagnose chronic equipment issues. This feature gives you more information as you decide whether to replace old equipment.

Free Up Your Time

When you use Equips, you not only simplify the process of receiving maintenance but also gain a better understanding of your lab equipment repairs. Equips also takes care of the billing and contract management processes so you can free up your time and worry about more important matters, like your next big breakthrough.

Moving Forward

To learn more about how Equips can simplify the process of managing and maintaining your lab equipment, be sure to schedule a demo below with a member of our amazing Solutions Team. We look forward to serving you!

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