Centralize All Equipment Management

with One Simple Process

We believe in helping you do your best work, on your terms. Our model keeps you at the center and gives you better transparency and insight into your critical equipment.

Equipment Inventory Database

From ATMs to TCRs to printers, get all equipment, across branches, centralized in one database. Keep better tabs on the equipment you already have and modify equipment at any time, on your terms.

  • Manage all your equipment, across all locations, in one place
  • Add, remove, or modify your equipment at any time
  • Gain better insight into maintenance across branches and departments
  • Keep manufacturer and device information in one centralized place
  • View the Financial Equipment List

Service Dispatch & History

Provide branch employees with one place to log all service requests and issues. Remove headaches—when an issue occurs, you can submit a service request in as little as 15 seconds and get back to work.

  • One portal, one process for all service requests
  • Admin view of all issues and status
  • View invoice history, service requests and out-of-scope charges
  • Enhance internal help-desk/ticketing systems
  • Better equip staff to solve equipment problems quickly

Internal Facilities & Property Management

Manage all internal requests and maintenance repairs in the same platform. Send requests to a point person internally, or an outside support team for streamlined and faster issue resolution.

Internal Facilities Managed: 

  • Property Management
  • Electrical
  • Grounds
  • HVAC
  • Janitorial/Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Structural
  • Supplies
  • Furniture

Consumable Orders & Equipment Replacement

Whether a branch is out of toner, or needs a new piece of equipment entirely, we’re here to help. Simply choose the equipment that needs supplies and place your order online.

  • Order consumables by equipment and branch location
  • Ship consumables directly to you or the branch in need
  • Get discounts on new equipment and replacements with our partnerships
  • View the list of consumables available to purchase here

Equipment Maintenance Contract

Stop managing multiple contracts, renewal dates and billing methods. At Equips we work to save you money. Our team leverages decades of experience to manage out-of-scope charges and secure great rates.

  • One contract to manage and single source billing
  • We pay for all covered service events
  • Short-term contract with option to change providers as needed
  • Chronic equipment reviews to mitigate future costs
  • Provider billing errors and part sourcing—last year we saved customers $127k

Vendor Network

You have the option to work with your existing service providers or find new ones in our network. We partner with vendors and service providers across the nation to provide you with great service and rates.

  • Network of 500+ vendors
  • Vendor Flexibility—Work with your current vendors or find new ones
  • Get objective support for vendor quotes and due diligence
  • Leverage our industry expertise and experience to make informed vendor decisions

Consultative Customer Service

Our team is your team. From basic issue support, to industry benchmarking and more, we’re here to help you do your best work.

  • Live, in-person support for issue escalation, vendor issues and more
  • Objective support for RFP and equipment quote requests
  • Access to comparative cost analysis and industry benchmarking
  • Vendor due diligence support and connections to best-in-class vendors
  • Support for due diligence tasks related to mergers and acquisitions

EquipsConnect ATM Managed Services

Improve ATM uptime and maintenance efficiency while staying PCI-DSS compliant at the ATM channel. Our remote monitoring and management capabilities help you maintain security measures and increase ATM availability.

  • Remotely monitor the state-of-health and troubleshot ATM & ITM faults
  • Dispatch fault information to service providers if on-site maintenance is required
  • Schedule and install Microsoft Window Patching remotely during downtime
  • Update marketing screens to reinforce your brand and welcome users
  • Install and maintain an anti-virus application


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