One of our core values at Equips is to strive for excellence. These are more than just words to our team, as evidenced recently by our VP of Operations, Jason Grams. He successfully concluded a year-long leadership development training program, called Living as a Leader© and we are proud of his accomplishment.

Leaders Continue to Learn

Jason was motivated to seek this learning opportunity out of a desire to build on his “management toolbox.” The course was recommended to him by a fellow executive who completed it and found it worthwhile.

The Living as a Leader course involved attending a 4-hour class each month and meeting with a personal leadership coach one-on-one each month. The class had a cross-section of people from a variety of industries with various roles within their companies.  This allowed for a lot of intersectional learning and discussion among the group.

Jason found the class to be very interactive and hands-on with plenty of opportunity to discuss real world issues. He said, “The content was very realistic, with real life scenarios and practical solutions.”

Leadership Development

One highlight was how the class was able to bond over common experiences in their leadership roles and help each other problem solve actual circumstances they might be facing.  Beyond the classroom, Jason mentioned how much he learned from the regular coaching sessions.

According to Jason, “I had a great coach who was always available and gave me great ideas about what I could implement at Equips to be a more effective manager.”

Leadership Training Key Takeaways

A few of Jason’s key takeaways from Living as Leader included:

  • Listen to understand, not respond.
  • Make a concerted effort to learn about the people you are leading and build relationships with them.  It will help you to be to more effective and empathetic. This is especially important when conflict resolution is necessary.
  • Prepare in advance for difficult conversations.

We applaud Jason’s commitment to being an effective and productive leader. More information on the Living as a Leader program can be found at:  You can learn more about the culture of excellence that we embrace at Equips by clicking here:

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