How Do You Measure Up To Your Peers?

Ever wonder what Bob down the street paid for that new car?
Or if you got the best deal on your roof replacement project?
How do you know if you’re really keeping up with the Joneses?

It’s natural to wonder if we’re getting the best deal possible and to believe we’re making the best decisions on how to spend our time and resources, and this is especially important as Credit Unions strive to maximize operational efficiencies. Is your financial institution paying a fair amount for the maintenance and repair of your critical financial equipment? Are you sure you fully understand all the options for managing associated expenses and vendors? Are you concerned that you are not getting the same level of service as other credit unions?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident that you’re on the right track?

A Peer Analysis from Equips can provide you with that reassurance. We’ll deliver an un-biased assessment of your current maintenance costs so you can see how your annual spend compares to your peers and industry norms. We will also evaluate your current strategies in terms of processes and efficiencies and see how they measure up to what your fellow credit unions are doing. We’ll analyze all of this based on 10+ years of data, review the supporting details with you, and wrap it up with some recommendations, if we see there is room to improve. Oh, and there is no cost to you, other than about an hour of your time. 

Contact us today if you’re interested, we’ll talk more about how our Peer Analysis will give you the insight, and confidence, to make the best decisions for your FI relating to equipment maintenance.  

Chances are, we’ll find an opportunity for you to pay less, for more. When we do, it will be time for the Joneses to start keeping up with you!