Author: Jansen Imhoff
Publish Date: December 6, 2021

My friend, Ben, is a real techy. The last time I had to replace my computer, I decided to go to him to make sure I was getting a good deal on the device I was about to buy. Like a good friend, he took a glance at the product listing online and confirmed that it was in fact a good deal, but followed it up by saying, what are you trying to do, land a man on the moon? Apparently, this particular model was a little too advanced for my needs—checking email, Amazon, online board games, and the occasional stock trading. Instead, he found me a less expensive computer that works great to this day. It is always a smart idea to compare technologies to find the fit for your bank’s or credit union’s needs. In this article, we will be comparing Hyosung’s MoniView to EquipsConnect.


MoniView is Hyosung’s remote monitoring tool that provides real-time data on the performance of your Hyosung fleet. With built-in alarms, you can be notified of faults immediately so that you can dispatch a technician to resolve the issue. Using MoniView, a client can even restart the machine to resolve minor issues, giving both you and your clients more autonomy over the machine. Also, you can monitor repairs in real-time and install software updates remotely. MoniView is exclusive to Hyosung ATMs and gives users a more detailed look into the functionality of your fleet.


EquipsConnect is a remote monitoring application developed by Equips. Similar to MoniView, EquipsConnect also allows you to install software updates, be notified of faults, and see real-time equipment data. Like MoniView, EquipsConnect grants you the ability to resolve minor faults remotely and without the help of a technician. This makes First-Line Maintenance so much easier for your bank or credit union. Overall, EquipsConnect is a great tool that allows you to increase your machine’s uptime and easily diagnose and resolve faults.

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Which Tool Is Right for My Bank or Credit Union?

Today, we live in an age of acquisitions where acquiring rival financial institutions is a popular method of growth and expansion. That being said, as your institution begins to acquire new organizations, you will accrue a variety of different ATMs and ITMs. Each acquisition grows your fleet and diversifies the different brands and models you have. Each brand likely has a remote monitoring application similar to MoniView installed. However, this requires you to perform remote monitoring on multiple applications. Don’t worry, there is a simpler solution! Using EquipsConnect, you can house your whole fleet of different brands and models under one universally applicable remote monitoring application. With EquipsConnect, you can understand the state of health of your entire diversified fleet using just one tool.

Another trend in the financial industry is the outsourcing of fleet management. Equips customers enjoy utilizing our team to troubleshoot issues within their fleet remotely. Unlike EquipsConnect, when you use MoniView and other tools like it, you must rely on your own staff to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, this takes away from their other responsibilities and adds to their workload. However, when you use EquipsConnect, you are able to understand the functionality of your entire fleet without having to do any of the troubleshooting yourself.

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For more information on how EquipsConnect can improve the way you monitor your fleet of ATMs and ITMs, be sure to reach out to one of our friendly Solutions Advisor. We are here to help you do your best work so ask us how!

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