Author: Jansen Imhoff
Publish Date: December 8, 2021

Being able to understand the status and functionality of your ATM or ITM fleet is crucial for banks and credit unions. The investment into a remote monitoring program is one that requires some time and thought. It isn’t like chicken or fish on an airplane. This decision can either make your life much easier, or it can create new bottlenecks for your organization. There are a lot of different remote monitoring applications that banks and credit unions use, and they often come already installed on your ATMs and ITMs. But are these applications necessarily the right fit for your institution? In the following article, we will be comparing NCR Vision to EquipsConnect.

What is NCR Vision?

NCR Vision is a remote monitoring application developed by, you guessed it, NCR. What is unique about NCR Vision is that it is a multi-channel application that gives users the ability to understand the state of health of more than just their ATM or ITM fleets. This application can be used on ATMs, ITMs, kiosks, digital signage, and more. This means that when you use NCR Vision, you can enjoy a comprehensive look at how all of your equipment is performing.

So what’s the catch? Well, NCR Vision is a program exclusive to NCR products, hence why it comes pre-installed on NCR devices. That means that if you have a mix of different equipment brands, only those that are NCR can be monitored by this application. Don’t get me wrong, NCR Vision is a great tool for organizations that use exclusively NCR products. However, if you have a mixed fleet, you might want to consider a different remote monitoring application.

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What is EquipsConnect?

EquipsConnect is a remote monitoring application developed by Equips. It is similar to NCR Vision in the sense that it is a tool that gives you more knowledge and control over your fleet. EquipsConnect is currently only applicable for ATM and ITM devices. EquipsConnect also allows you to install software updates, be notified of faults, and see real-time equipment data. The program gives you the ability to resolve minor faults remotely and without the help of a technician, making First-Line Maintenance so much easier for your bank or credit union. Overall, EquipsConnect is a great tool that allows you to increase your machine’s uptime and easily diagnose and resolve faults.

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Which Tool is Right for My Bank or Credit Union?

Odds are, your institution doesn’t just use one brand for all of your important branch equipment. However, if you do, and that brand is NCR, then NCR Vision is definitely the right decision for your bank or credit union. It is more likely that you have a smorgasbord of different ATM and ITM brands. In the age of acquisitions, it seems nearly impossible to stay completely loyal to just one brand. If your fleet contains multiple brands, then EquipsConnect is the solution for you. Monitoring your fleet using multiple software applications can be a huge pain in the neck. Luckily, EquipsConnect can be used across all Diebold, Hyosung, and NCR models. That way, you can ditch the old way of doing things and monitor your entire fleet across locations on one easy-to-use tool.

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