The Gettig household is a busy one, especially during the evenings now that the world has opened back up. During the pandemic, Rosie, Beth’s 5-year-old Goldendoodle, loved having the whole gang at home with her. However, when life returned to normal, she had some separation anxiety. She needed a new friend.

Beth’s daughter learned of a litter of beautiful dark red Golden Retrievers. After a little encouragement, Beth convinced her husband to get another dog and called the breeder before he could change his mind. There was one male puppy left and it was theirs if they were willing to make the 7-hour drive to Louisville to get him.

The night before the road trip, Beth gave Adam, our CEO, a call and jokingly explained that one puppy had become available. To her surprise, Adam seemed rather interested, so Beth connected him to the breeder. Later that week, Adam surprised his family with a beautiful puppy named Swift. His wife told the kids that he was attending an important meeting and would be gone for a few days. When he returned early with a puppy, they were thrilled.

Today, Goose and Swift are becoming good friends with their older siblings. Goose is an esteemed graduate of puppy classes and Swift has mastered the game of fetch. We are super excited to welcome them both to our team.


Update: Joey’s Weight Loss Journey

Joey and his sister, Phoebe, recently had an appointment with the vet. I wish I could say I am surprised to report that Joey has put on a bit of weight, but I am not. According to the vet, he and Phoebe are supposed to be fed a half cup of food twice a day. That said, his weight gain may have been an owner error. I had been feeding them, well, a little too much and he was keeping pace. So much that Phoebe actually lost a little weight since her last weigh-in. Joey now weighs nearly 17 pounds, much of which hangs low to the ground, thus making him more aerodynamic.

We recently moved into a new house and got a dog. My hope is that the combination of a reduced-calorie intake, a high-energy canine, and the need to travel up and down a flight of stairs in order to eat is enough to get him back in shape. Fingers crossed!