Your teller cash recyclers (TCRs) and teller cash dispensers (TCDs) are an essential part of keeping your business up and running. They greatly improve teller efficiency and, ultimately, make for a more customer-friendly environment. These machines automatically count cash. TCDs require manual counting each time they are loaded. This works great for cash-negative locations that primarily disburse cash and don’t have to deal with money coming in so often. TCRs, on the other hand, are bidirectional, automating both counting and dispensing. Like many pieces of workhorse equipment, TCRs and TCDs are often taken for granted until they break down. When your machine is suddenly out of commission, you realize just how indispensable it is. Obviously, we’d like to avoid this situation. However, getting an accurate idea of when a TDR or TCR replacement is needed  is harder than it seems.

When Will Your TCR or TCD Break Down?

Older equipment is more likely to experience problems, but it’s hard to get a complete picture of where you stand. Models are discontinued by manufacturers all the time. Unfortunately thought, there is currently no centralized resource for TCRs or TCDs. This means there isn’t a good way know if you should replace your machine sooner to avoid service interruptions.

We’re trying to change that by compiling a database to tell you which models from which manufacturers are obsolete. We’ll also tell you which model makes sense as a replacement based on what you’re already familiar with and trained on. We’re constantly making improvements to cover even more manufacturers and models, but you can ask our experts right now to see if your machine needs to be replaced sooner.

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How to Pick a New TCD and TCR replacement

The most important thing to consider when picking a new machine is where it’s going to be used. While TCRs offer more flexibility, they’re also a little more mechanically complicated and definitely more expensive. If you’re trying to equip a cash-negative location that dispenses many more bills than it takes in, a TCD might be a better option.

With a TCD, your teller spends time manually counting cash whenever it needs to be reloaded. This can introduce more risk into the process, both because the cash is handled more and because it opens the door for human error. Cash handling procedures can be time-consuming and complicated taking time away from dealing with customers. On the other hand, it’s much more cost-efficient to use TCDs wherever you’re dispensing more cash than you’re taking in.

When you’re looking at buying a new machine, it’s important to consider what your main goals are for that particular location. Is security paramount? Do you deal with a high volume of bills? Do you need to get through several, smaller interactions quickly so your teller can move on to the next customer without waiting on your equipment? Spend time getting an idea of what an average interaction looks like and pay attention to key features like security, processing speed, auditing capabilities, ease of loading, and more.

One other important consideration is time spent training your employees on a new machine. Generally speaking, going with a TCD or TCR replacement model based on what they’re already familiar with is going to make the transition smoother. That means you’re probably sticking with the same brand or something that has similar features to what you already use.

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Why You Need to Know if Your TCR or TCD Is Obsolete

Whenever equipment breaks down at a financial institution, you can use Equips to dispatch service providers to get it back up and running. However, it still means that you’re facing downtime where a machine that you rely on isn’t operational. This can mean slowdowns for your employees and delays and frustration for your customers.

It is important to know whether your TCR or TDC is obsolete before making plans to get a new TCD or TCR replacement as soon as possible. We’re here to help you get the most out of your equipment and vendors, so contact us for help getting a clear picture of where you stand.

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Supporting TCRs and TCDs with Equips

Equips is ready to help financial institutions determine if TCRs, TCDs, or other banking equipment are right for their facilities. Whether it’s a new technology or an upgrade, we can recommend the best equipment for your staff and customers/members.

If you are already using teller cash recyclers, we’re here to help you maintain them using our equipment management program. We can both work with an existing service provider or help you find a new partner from our network of top providers. Contact us today!

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