Our People

Meet our dedicated leadership team from across the nation. At Equips, you’re more than just a number.

Our Leaders

Our leaders bring valuable experience and knowledge in order to give our clients a quality program and tools to save time for their team.

Adam York
Adam YorkCEO
Beth Gettig
Beth GettigVice President
Catherine Hauck
Catherine HauckDirector of Sales
Jason Grams
Jason GramsVP of Operations
Jenny Richards
Jenny RichardsDirector of Growth Marketing
Steve VanEerden
Steve VanEerdenChief Solutions Advisor

Solutions Team

We manage locations in 45 states while continuing to expand in banking and healthcare. Contact us to see how we can help your company business gain efficiency and quality by overseeing your equipment.

Bill Conway
Bill Conway
Denise Cox
Denise Cox
Erik Nelson
Erik Nelson
Jenel Davis
Jenel Davis
Kara Guse
Kara Guse
Steven VanEerden
Steven VanEerden
Virgil Reeder
Virgil Reeder

Core Values

We hire around Core Values and competence, set clear expectations, and give people the freedom to do their best work.

Impact Player

Doing only what is assigned to you and no more, is the minimum. Impact players add value. They occupy their space with so much energy and skill, it often spills over to others. Look at self-improvement as a way to serve others.

Drive to Excellence

Excellence is not static; the bar is always moving. What was excellent yesterday, may not be considered excellent tomorrow. That’s why we say “Drive to Excellence”. We do not let off the gas pedal.

Do the Right Thing

The word “Do” speaks to activity. Be actively doing the next right thing.

Positive Beat

It’s not about being fake and pretending that life is always good or that things are always happy. It’s about your real choice on how you react to the bad stuff… and the good stuff.

Our 95% retention rate says it all

Hear what our customers have to say

“Staff time on equipment service events has dropped from an average of 24.7 hours per month, to only 5.1 hours.”

Davy Villanueva

“Equips has made my life so much easier. Everyone is open, listens to our needs and takes care of them. Your staff is all very supportive and easy to talk to also.”

Pam Martin

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