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Equips has specialized in providing a technology solution to keep your equipment problems off your to-do list.

Our Story

Equips was started in June of 2008 under the belief that equipment management should be simple and cost-effective. We set out to replace the outdated method of managing equipment using spreadsheets with a comprehensive technology solution that simplifies common processes associated with maintaining equipment.

It was a very difficult time to start a new company, and the first couple of years tested our resolve and challenged us more than any of us imagined. Not only were market conditions hard, we had to convince people to look at equipment management in an entirely new way – changing minds isn’t easy, even when the change is for the better.

We started on the journey believing that a great idea and the best intentions would be enough. Reality taught us otherwise. We also needed discipline and skill. That’s when we began to organize our work around clear goals, focus, and discipline. In 2016 we adopted EOSTM, as outlined in the book Traction, to help us manage our rapidly growing company.

By our 10th anniversary in 2018, we were supporting clients in 35 states. Now in 2022, we have expanded to managing locations in 45 states while continuing to expand in multiple industries.



With Equips, our customers can take as little as 15 seconds to request service on anything in the building. Our team will handle your needs and repairs right away, letting you get back to what really matters.

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Our team of experts is experienced in all kinds of banking and healthcare equipment, and we’re always ready to guide your decisions, whether you need a piece repaired or are looking to purchase something new.

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We are proud to offer affordable maintenance coverage that saves our average customer 12-20%. You’ll worry less about your budget and can invest more in the rest of your business. Equips stands for a simple idea: doing great work enhances your whole life. Achieving great work doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication, focus, and operating in your strength-zone.

Our 95% retention rate says it all

Hear what our customers have to say

“Staff time on equipment service events has dropped from an average of 24.7 hours per month, to only 5.1 hours.”

Davy Villanueva

“Equips has made my life so much easier. Everyone is open, listens to our needs and takes care of them. Your staff is all very supportive and easy to talk to also.”

Pam Martin

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