Don’t Sign That Vendor Contract Until You Read This!

Kids are back in school, leaves are falling, and… budget time is once again upon us. As you sharpen your pencils and evaluate expenses within your institution, you will likely need to address another annual chore: Vendor Maintenance Contracts for your financial branch equipment. Support for critical operating equipment is essential, no question, but rising costs and increasing complexity relating to vendor management are a real source of frustration for many Financial Institutions. Before you sign those contracts, you may be interested to know that there are options to the traditional status quo model. Options that can cut costs AND simplify processes for your branch and management teams.

Plan for next year’s budget

Our goal is to provide Financial Institutions with an innovative, strategic approach to the management of your critical branch equipment. The Legacy model for equipment maintenance is expensive, complex and time-consuming. What if there’s a better way?

Equips has a better way to manage equipment maintenance

Our unique strategy for managing the maintenance of financial equipment is delivering real value for Financial Institutions throughout the country.  It’s a model that increases efficiencies (through our centralized, data-rich platform, E-LINK) and reduces expenses – historically, our clients spend 12 – 20% less than peers who obtain support through traditional maintenance contracts. Our approach delivers greater control and visibility into all aspects of equipment maintenance using your preferred service providers.

How could this model benefit you? Why not take a break from your contract review to learn more!

About Equips

Equips is revolutionizing how Banks and Credit Unions manage, maintain, and protect critical branch equipment. Leveraging a network of 500+ vendors, experts at Equips help Financial Institutions respond to equipment problems quickly in one place: Equips. Active management allows Financial Institutions of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and streamline equipment inventory and vendor management. Our groundbreaking solution provides clients across 45 states with better insight and transparency into their critical equipment and enables employees to do their best work. To learn more visit