Do you have a dedicated facilities staff member or team on-site at your financial? How are they notified if there is an issue, such as a toilet that won’t not stop running, numerous lights burnt out in the drive-up canopy, supplies that need to be ordered, and more?

Issues like these are often not reported for days or even weeks. Perhaps the individual who takes care of facilities-related issues also has other duties they must see to daily. At Equips, we understand the need to respond fast when there is an issue, and that is where Equips comes in.

How Property Management Works

With Equips, a staff member can simply and quickly open a service request for their branch/location selecting 1 of 8 different categories, include additional information regarding the issue, select the severity/timing, and submit the request. The system will automatically send an email to an individual or distribution group at your financial, alerting the staff member(s) of the issue. The person in charge of facilities can address the concern or contact the appropriate provider to service the issue immediately. This staff member can also log on to Equips to add notes regarding updates. 

Equips dispatches the request for service immediately, allowing the issue to be resolved fast. The portal is also a database, housing all service requests, notes, resolutions, and more. These reports could be used to help pinpoint issues with a specific property management issue, assisting with the budgeting, and so much more.

8 Categories for Property Management

The eight categories under Property Management are: Electrical, Furniture, Grounds, HVAC, Janitorial/Cleaning, Plumbing, Structural, and Supplies. You can have all listed for each location or pick and choose the categories you would like available to choose from. 

How to Set it Up with the Equips System

We can help you add this feature to Equips for your branch. Contact your Account Advisor or email today.

This is just one more way Equips creates operational efficiencies for your organization, so you and your staff can get back to what is most important for your organization – your customers/members. 

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