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Maintenance Management Software

Equips helps your team stay productive when there are equipment or building issues. Our unique web app provides transparent communication between employees, vendors, and internal stakeholders.

Equips is striving to help businesses beyond the financial industry. Know somebody who works with a lot of equipment but doesn’t have a great way to manage it all?

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Technology is evolving; so should the way you manage it!  Equips is proud to create the next-generation of equipment maintenance management:

In striving for the best-in-class management tool, we focus on simplifying processes and creating efficiencies in equipment maintenance management. Equips can improve your equipment management service experience with these benefits:

  • Clean – Simple and thoughtful design built to optimize navigation and minimize the time needed to dispatch a service provider
  • Easy – Smooth screen flows and built-in training videos guide users to success
  • Efficient – Intuitive options and auto-populated fields help to reduce the time to place a service request from 45 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Secure – Built in-house, with the highest security standards in consideration
  • Powerful – Strong reporting functionality to help drive your business

Equips is revolutionizing the way businesses approach equipment maintenance. Contact us if you want to learn more.