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1907, 2021

7/19 Release Notes

Subcategory Filtering You can now filter the Equipment List By Subcategory. To use this, make sure you've selected a category and then you can drill down by subcategories! (We also fixed the bug so you can now sort by categories [...]

507, 2021

7/5 Release Notes

On Site Check-In Reporting for Service Providers Now Service Providers can check in at service calls to alert users that they have arrived. This helps track the progress towards completion as well as helps to coordinate getting techs where they [...]

2106, 2021

6/21 Release Notes

AutoReboot live for EquipsConnect ATMs When ATMs have issues, the software will automatically reboot the component with an issue - keeping the machine running. If that doesn’t fix the problem, after hours the ATM will reboot to try to fix [...]

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