It is important that your senior living facility is comfortable for your residents. To accomplish this, you must ensure that their needs are being met and their residence is both safe and functional. This means ensuring that repairs in common areas and rooms are completed in a timely manner, supplies are in stock, and housekeeping is diligent. The best way to manage all this is through a Senior Living Property Management Software system. Such a tool gives you the power to increase staff efficiency and productivity. In turn, you increase your resident satisfaction and have the tools to respond to requests faster. In this article, we will discuss how a Senior living Property Management Software can help you retain residents.

Improving Resident Retention

#1 Proactive (Preventive) Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your residents rarely have any complaints about your facilities is to make sure your faults are minimal. The best way to accomplish this—preventive maintenance. Imagine if a resident trips over a puckered floorboard and hurts themselves. What would that cost your facility? How would your other residents react? We recommend sticking to a consistent preventive maintenance schedule to avoid such issues. Using the Equips web application for Senior Living Property Management, you can schedule preventive maintenance ahead of time for all of your apartments and facilities. Preventive maintenance helps ensure that these hazards can be avoided. When your facilities are maintained well, your residents are much less likely to relocate.

#2 Make Sure Your Residents Feel heard

When your residents have a problem with your facilities, even something as simple as a burnt-out lightbulb, they want to know that their complaints have been heard and that action will be taken. Odds are, your residents request maintenance via phone call. When you use Equips as your Senior Living Property Management Software, you can provide personalized maintenance notes about previous repairs. That way, your residents know that you understand the significance of the problem and can use this information to help resolve the issue. Furthermore, using Equips, you can request maintenance in as little as 15 seconds. This means you can have their maintenance requests placed before even hanging up the phone. Your residents will be pleased to know that immediate action is being taken to make them feel more comfortable.

#3 Organized Communication

As you place a service request, you can add specific notes given to you by your residents. These notes can often help diagnose issues and lead to faster repairs. After you place a service request with Equips, your technician can provide live updates on the status of the repair. You can also see specific notes about the problem. This is useful in case the fault cannot be resolved immediately, and your resident with the problem calls again. In which case, you can notify them of exactly what the problem is, where you are in the repair process, and give an estimated time of completion. While this doesn’t necessarily resolve the issue for the resident, it shows that you are taking their concern seriously and provides additional information so that they may stay informed.

Equips helps you provide 5-star customer service to your residents while supporting your administrative staff with simple tools to make communication easier than ever. The best part–Equips requires little-to-no training to get started. Easy peasy!

Equips Senior Living Property Management Software

Equips is your one-stop-shop for all your facilities and equipment maintenance needs. Our powerful property management and dispatch tool makes it simple to streamline communications between your residents and maintenance teams by centralizing all your communications to one location. It is that simple—when a resident has a maintenance issue that must be addressed, all they have to do is give you a ring. From there, you can place their service request and provide additional notes based on the information they give you during the call. From there, Equips will route the request to the appropriate team. But what if you use an external service provider for some of your maintenance needs? No problem, Equips can route requests externally as well with no extra work on your part. That is the power of working with a Senior Living Property Management Software.

To learn more about how Equips can improve resident retention and simplify maintenance at your facility, be sure to schedule a demo below. We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can help!

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