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Equips helps your team stay productive when there are equipment or building issues. Our unique web app provides transparent communication between employees, vendors, and internal stakeholders.

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Our all-in-one platform keeps everyone in-the-know on the status of maintenance requests. Gain visibility to all equipment across departments and communicate with stakeholders in as little as 15 seconds.

Using Equips at Senior Living Facilities

It is important that your senior living facility is comfortable and safe for your residents. When there are maintenance needs, either in common areas or private residences, communication across your facility is critical. The best way to gain visibility to all of this is through a Senior Living Property Management application. Such a tool gives you the power to increase staff efficiency and productivity and decrease time on training. This, in turn, increases your resident satisfaction and gives you the tools to respond to requests faster.

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Our all-in-one platform provides one place and one process to communicate all maintenance needs.
Gain visibility to all equipment across departments and locations.