Simple, single-contract coverage for financial institutions. Heck yeah!

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be an adult. To me, growing up meant that I didn’t have a bedtime or restrictions on how long I could play video games. I would be able to stay up as late as I wanted playing Mario Kart and eating junk food. It also meant no more school and the seemingly endless number of arts and crafts that filled my curriculum. To this day it still baffles me—you would think the macaroni diagram could be perfected after one, maybe two attempts. To me, growing up was something to look forward to. I think had my school focused less on pasta-based artwork and more on taxation, employment, and cost of living, I would have been less eager to grow up and more likely to behave during art class… or any class for that matter.

Now that I am an adult, I have to deal with all the stress and nonsense that was never taught to me as a child, including the dreaded “I” word—insurance. We are all glad we have insurance when we need it, but otherwise, it seems to be all legal headaches and monthly payments. There seems to be insurance for everything nowadays. If only we could wrap up all of our different coverages into one easy-to-understand contract that was just that, coverage without the nonsense. If you work for a financial institution, you are in luck!

ARTICLE: Uncovering the Mystery of Equipment Maintenance at Equips

Coverage program

Equips takes a different approach to financial equipment coverage. We are of the opinion that insurance often poses too many headaches and that there is absolutely no reason for a bank or credit union to have to manage countless service and maintenance contracts that seem to devour time that could otherwise be allocated to more pressing matters. Here at Equips, we do not offer insurance. Rather, we offer a coverage plan that is designed to cover everything from your security and alarms systems to your copiers and printers, from your ATMs to your mail machines. In short, we aim to cover every piece of equipment that you and your employees need to do your job effectively without having to change vendors or service providers.

ARTICLE: Groundbreaking Managed Maintenance Program

Coverage AND convenience? No way!

With all of your equipment covered under one contract, it would only make sense to be able to house your vendor network and equipment inventory database under one roof. That’s right, I am talking about Equips. Combining this tool with your equipment’s coverage will make your life super easy. By having all of this information in one place, you can streamline the process of ordering maintenance while also saving money.

Take this scenario: you wake up bright and early to get to work. It is Friday, and you are looking forward to a relaxed schedule leading into the weekend. Then you open your email to find that one of your ATMs needs maintenance, and there is going to be downtime. Darn it! Time to find that service contract and get on the phone with a technician. You begin to get a migraine as you listen to the same annoying hold music on loop. Man, I wish I had a single place to log all service requests and issues. My Friday isn’t starting off so good.

The point of the article is this: if endless service contracts and long maintenance request processes aren’t cutting it, you do have another option. Drop us a line here to start a conversation with a member of our solutions team. Many of them have been in your shoes, and are eager to help you make maintenance simple.

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Equips is revolutionizing how Banks and Credit Unions manage, maintain, and protect critical branch equipment. Leveraging a network of 500+ vendors, experts at Equips help Financial Institutions respond to equipment problems quickly in one place: Equips. Active management allows Financial Institutions of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and streamline equipment inventory and vendor management. Our groundbreaking solution provides clients across 45 states with better insight and transparency into their critical equipment and enables employees to do their best work. To learn more visit

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