Credit Union Social Media Success

Park City Credit Union stands out in Social Media.  Their Facebook page is active and engaging.  They not only have regular useful content in posts, they also use Facebook Live to broadcast.  Equips was fortunate enough to sit down with Park City Credit Union’s President & CEO, Val Mindak to learn about how she and her team use social media to increase outreach, enhance member engagement, and maximize growth for the Credit Union. The team includes Sarah Sturm, Business Development Manager; Melissa Wrycha, Chief Retail Officer; as well as Mindak personally. They successfully attract members and community partners to their Facebook page. Mindak discusses their social media strategy, engagement in the community, content of posts, success rate, and Park City Credit Union’s company culture.  Here are the five things we learned:

1. A Leadership-Driven Strategy

We asked Mindak how much input she has in the strategy for Park City’s social media efforts. “A lot! I have general expectations and a commitment to our social media pages and outreach programs,” states Mindak. “We want to communicate with our members via multiple channels: traditional, digital, email, Facebook page and to use the benefits of Facebook live. The goal is to strategize and execute a campaign so that our member-owners know the new things that are happening internally and externally. We intentionally post something every day to increase our member engagement and communicate interesting changes happening, in an effort to enrich the lives of our members.”

2. Play To The Audience

Mindak conveyed her philosophy on social media. “Facebook isn’t just for Millennials. Everyone is on social media these days! It’s engaging for all ages and has been a great benefit for Park City to have such a strong presence. Although, the secret for success is to have the correct balance of posts that include CU events, money management topics, promotions and community. Park City’s posts are 70% community-related, only 30% promotional. We truly need to find a way to be part of the social conversation. We just really want to have a relationship via social media. We aren’t trying to push something on our members, we are trying to be a valuable resource of information for our members and our community.”

3. Put Community First

Mindak shares that at the beginning of the year, she and her team research upcoming community events and build a strategy centered around the Park City Cares initiative #Sharethecare to make sure Park City employees and team members are “involved everywhere all the time!” They empower their staff to get out and get involved in the community. “I have a strong team that is committed to that, and because social media is free and digital, we can be everywhere, at any time.”

4. Measure Success

I’m sure you’re curious about how to measure the success of social media efforts. Park City analyzes their daily stats of clicks, likes and comments.  Mindak explains how Park City increases their followers by telling us, “We get our members involved with us by including pictures and interviews with them in our posts, which they can then share on their own personal page.” The Park City Facebook Page has over 3,300 likes per post.

5. Company Culture Shines Through

Park City Credit Union’s mission statement “Helping members fulfill their dreams while serving our communities” is the foundation of their company culture. Mindak is passionate about the corporate vision of the 4-i’s… Innovative, Invigorate, Inspire and Impress.

“We live by and practice these principles every day:

  • Innovative – look for new strategies to be more efficient and to create a better member experience
  • Invigorate – to bring life and energy to the team and to build member relationships at every touchpoint
  • Inspire – yourself and others. Strive to be your best and keep learning and growing
  • Impress – every employee, every touch-point all the time.  We are giving an impression of what we stand for and must have a desire to execute exceptional service! This is an internal culture and drives outward to our execution to the members and the community.  If we don’t do it for each other, we can’t be effective externally!

Check out Park City Credit Union’s Facebook page to see how interactive, engaging and informative it is. Their credit union social media strategy and statistics continue growing every day. Using social media as a credit union can be a challenge, but not for Park City!

Park City Credit Union Facts:

  • 20,000 members
  • 10 counties
  • 8 branches
  • 95 employees
  • $245M assets

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