Equips team members embrace our Core Values on a daily basis. Learn a few examples of how individuals lived out our Core Values last month by doing the right thing, being an impact player, and having a positive beat while having a drive to excellence.

Learn about Equips’ Core Values:

We hire around Core Values and competence, set clear expectations, and give people the freedom to do their best work.

Do the Right ThingHow real we are about ethics”

The word “Do” speaks to activity. Be actively doing the next right thing.

Impact Player “How we relate to others and others relate to us.”

Doing only what is assigned to you and no more, is the minimum. Impact players add value. They occupy their space with so much energy and skill, it often spills over to others. Look at self-improvement as a way to serve others.

Drive to Excellence How we relate to the quilty of our work.”

Excellence is not static; the bar is always moving. What was excellent yesterday, may not be considered excellent tomorrow. That’s why we say “Drive to Excellence”. We do not let off the gas pedal.

Positive Beat “How we manage our internal mindset and help others do that too.”

It’s not about being fake and pretending that life is always good or that things are always happy. It’s about your real choice on how you react to the bad stuff… and the good stuff.

See how our team implemented the core values last month:

Do the Right Thing:

There was an issue with a customer’s invoice from the service provider. I called them to get more information, and after research and internal review, Equips was able to pay the invoice as part of our Managed Services offering. The client was extremely grateful that they didn’t have to pay this invoice sent from the provider and that the EquipsConnect Program was able to resolve the issue.

– Equips Account Advisor

Impact Player:

I have displayed being an Impact Player this week by jumping right into the Service Cases. We are trying to be problem solvers but are also asking for help along the way as we continue to encounter new scenarios. As we are figuring out our process flow moving forward, we are also discussing different ideas for an overall revamp to the process and how service cases are worked.

– Equips Operations Specialist

Drive to Excellence:

It was brought to my attention that we weren’t getting most of the invoices from a service provider; so I took the initiative to reach out to the vendor. I have been working with a contact on getting the invoices and processing them. I don’t want our customers be put on service hold due to unpaid invoices that we had not received and that had started to happen.

– Equips Sr. Operations Specialist

Positive Beat:

I tried to bring fun and humor to my meetings this week! It’s can be hard to stay connected and positive when we’re all isolated at home, and laughter always makes me feel better!

– Equips Director of Growth Marketing

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