This quarter we sunk a lot of time and resources into not only improving our technology products, but also our technology team. Through these efforts, we are excited to present to you some of the latest features that you can begin using today.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

When you log into Equips, you may have noticed that below Start service request, there is a button that reads Schedule preventive maintenance. If you click there, you will notice that the process of scheduling PM is practically identical to that of placing a service request. Simply choose the location of the equipment, the type of equipment you would like serviced, and the exact piece of equipment. Then, provide the date that you would like to have your equipment serviced as well as main contact for this maintenance.

Internal Routing

Equips has added an Internal Routing feature to Equips that helps you put the right tickets in the hands of the right people. This is especially important for organizations that have multiple departments using Equips or internal service teams. Let’s say a security camera needs a repair and is going to be out of operation—you can now notify your security department of the issue and they can choose the curse of action to take from there as opposed to sending the notification directly to Equips.

Smart Dispatch

We recently added a Smart Dispatch feature to EquipsConnect that adds an extra layer of convenience to the way you remotely manage your ATM fleet. There are lots of cool things you can now do with this tool, and I would like to share a few of them here with you. The first is auto-reboot—when your ATM has a fault or issue, such as a malfunctioning card reader, EquipsConnect will automatically reboot the exact hardware that is not working properly. Rather than restarting the entire ATM, only the malfunctioning hardware will be rebooted in an effort to resolve the issue. If that fails, your ATM will log the issue and reboot the entire machine after hours. If rebooting the entire ATM fails to resolve the issue, a technician will automatically be dispatched.

Equips can now prevent duplicate service requests. Too often, we hear from our customers that multiple employees place a service request on the same issue. While we are honored that your employees are using Equips to place service requests, we don’t want you to accidentally dispatch more than one technician to resolve the same issue. With the latest update, if an employee were to try to place a second service request, a notification would pop up informing them of the duplicate request. From there, you can add a note, escalate the issue, or, if necessary, place a second service request.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who came to our recent webinar where we were able to demonstrate these awesome new features and more. If you have further questions on these latest updates, be sure to reach out to your account manager. And to remain up to date on the newest features as they become accessible to you, be sure to join us on November 22nd for our next product updates webinar. Sign up for the November 16 Features & Benefits Webinar here>>

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