Conducting preventative maintenance regularly, on all equipment helps businesses protect the longevity of the equipment itself, and also ensures customers and employees are using clean machines. Get tips on how to keep your drive-up equipment in peak condition.

Our new series, “Financial Equipment Tips & Tricks” provides helpful ways to keep your equipment in peak condition. To find more tips about Financial Equipment, check out what our experts have shared on other pieces of equipment, such as self-service coin sorters or check scanners.

How to maintain drive-up equipment

  • Keep all paper clips and other debris clear of the deal drawer.
  • Only load a few deposit slips and a sturdy pen in a canister.  Many pens can break due to the impact from being sent through the system.  Confirm the pens are strong enough not to break or leak.
  • Check buttons and landing pad of canister inside monthly for wear or breakage.
  • Have an extra canister, or two, on hand in case one breaks.
  • Check the screen and camera outside to make sure the cover is clear/clean.  Wipe with a clean, damp cloth every month or two.

Get customers/members involved in drive-up lanes

Your employees aren’t the only people using drive-up equipment. It’s important to direct customers to use your equipment correctly to ensure it operates smoothly and keeps everyone safe.

Remind customers:

  • Not to put coins (loose or rolled) into the canisters.
  • Make sure the canister is closed tight, and nothing is stuck in the canister latch prior to sending.

Safety and security tips on equipment

  • Make sure all marketing materials and signs in the window are out of the way for a clear view of all vehicles in the drive-up.
  • As we get closer to the end of the year, it will get dark earlier. Make sure all lights are working in the drive-up canopy, for the safety and security of all customers/members and staff.
  • Confirm all cameras are recording. Educate staff on how to move monitors while performing a transaction to ensure they can see the customer clearly on their heads up display inside.

Weather tips

If you are in a climate where there is rain and snow, if a drive-up lane is close to the end of a canopy, or if there is driving rain, it is best to close the pneumatic system door outside until a member/customer arrives.  This will keep the inside dryer and prevent the door from sticking or the inside mechanics from getting extremely wet.

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