Between all the service technicians, armored car companies, and transaction processors, there are a lot of moving pieces that contribute towards ATM management. This is why some banks and credit unions elect to hire an ATM outsourcing company. There are downsides to hiring these companies, and most of the issues banks face come down to a lack of control over their own equipment. That isn’t to say that the act of outsourcing is problematic. In fact, the following are three benefits of outsourcing ATM management:

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#1: Save Time and Resources

Many banks and credit unions often elect to have their own employees service their ATMs. This works well… sometimes. Too often, having your employees perform these duties distracts them from their main mission, which is to help your branch run at maximum efficiency. By allowing them to allocate more time to their craft, you are putting them in a position to do their best work. Remember, each member of your team is a valuable resource.

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#2: Improve Customer Service

Customer service is the “front line” of a business. It is incredibly important that your branch staff practices good customer service, as this is what leaves a lasting impression on customers. Most importantly, it is crucial to demonstrate competence. This includes having your ATM issues serviced quickly, and, most importantly, correctly. Hiring a third-party service provider can do this for you. Should a customer come to your branch and inform you that there is a problem with one of your ATMs, wouldn’t you feel more confident reaching out to a team of professionals who you know can and will resolve this issue for your customers as opposed to sending out Greg from accounting, who has done this before… once?

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#3: Safety First

By sending your employees into the field to perform maintenance work on your ATMs, you are running the risk of possibly putting them in a dangerous situation. It is important to note that both your employee and ATM become at risk of robbery as soon as the device is opened. As an employer, it is your job to ensure that your employees are both happy with their work as well as safe while doing it. Yet another reason to hire a professional—they have the armored trucks and the training to better handle these dangerous situations. Use your team’s time wisely and value their safety.

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Outsource Management without Outsourcing Control

If you gain one thing from this article, I hope it’s this: there are simply too many moving pieces needed to successfully conduct ATM management, or at least at the level that your customers deserve. But what does your business deserve? In a word, control. It is your equipment that is being managed after all, so why should you forfeit control?

Equips offers a slightly different solution. While we aren’t an ATM management company per se, we are able to offer the same services without needing full control of your processes. Instead, we offer an easy-to-use portal that allows you to schedule your own maintenance and management tasks with the vendors that you trust most. That way, you retain full control of everything.

To learn more about how Equips can help better manage and maintain your ATMs, schedule an appointment below. Until next time, friends!

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