Microsoft Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise Software Migration for ATMs

What You Need to Know

Starting on January 14th, 2020, all support for the Windows 7 operating systems on ATMs will end which puts your ATM fleet at risk while operating on an unsupported system. To protect your brand, customer experience, and remain compliant, you will need to migrate to Windows 10. This system will be supported through 2026 and includes advanced defense against cyber and fraud threats, end-user enhancements to keep pace with advancing technology and will maintain consistency with other platforms migrating to Windows 10.  Additionally, this upgrade is necessary for maintaining compliance and ensuring your fleet is PCI-ready.

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Unsure where to begin?

Start with evaluating your fleet’s hardware, software, and network configurations. Determine whether an upgrade or full replacement makes sense for your ATM strategy and then evaluate the best method to deploy the upgrade.

Migration rights time frame is 24 months and allows for the purchase of Windows 10, but you can install and/or continue to run Windows 7. Once the purchase has been made, you have 24 months to install the upgrade without incurring additional upgrade fees. If the migration fails to happen within 24 months, you may be required to purchase a Windows 7 license with all initial system orders.

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