Windows 10

Microsoft will end extended support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

What this means is that there will no longer be security updates and patches made available under your current agreement.

This leaves any Financial Institution still running on this platform at risk of not being PCI DSS compliant and vulnerable to logical attacks.

It is not all bad news, though, and Equips is here to help!

You have a few options to consider when putting your ATM plan in place.


Many ATMs purchased over the past 10 years can be upgraded.

This will often require a new PC to support the new Operating System and a technician to install both the hardware and software.

Equips is partnered with the best service providers possible, to plan and execute these upgrades.
Replacements Equips has 10+ years of performance data on financial grade ATMs, and our position of being manufacturer agnostic allows us to be consultative in this process.

We can share what we see in the industry as being the most reliable equipment as well as being able to advise on who are the best service providers in a given geography.

There are many decisions to be made when considering a large capital investment, like new ATMs, let us help guide where we can.


Are you ready to call it quits on the ATM channel altogether, but know that you need a physical presence to serve your community?

Equips has partnered with the best, most flexible Outsource Solution Providers available.

They can offer services a-la-carte or a complete program to take your ATMs off your books and manage the day-to-day as well as all future upgrades.


Security Management Security Patch Management:

Keeping up with PCI DSS security measures can be overwhelming.

With our remote patching capability, Equips can offer this as a service.

We can take care of your regular patch management deployments and accommodate any critical update needs.

As added benefits, our software delivery tool can also help monitor your fleet to provide the highest level of uptime as well as help manage marketing campaigns to enhance your brand awareness.

Equips also has the ability to view the “inventory” of a given machine under managed services to determine what PC is installed and what version of software is running, which will make future upgrades or enhancements much less painful.

Zero-Day Malware Protection:

Protect your ATM fleet against zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs) with dynamic whitelisting.

Security has never been more important when it comes to your ATM network and Equips can work with you to strengthen your security and give you peace of mind.

If your ATM Upgrade or Replacement schedule will take you past the January 14, 2020 expiration, application whitelisting can reduce your risk and liability.

As a potential compensating control, this software can bridge the gap while security patches are no longer widely available.

Extended Microsoft Support Microsoft has announced that they will sell Extended Security Updates for Windows 7, beyond January 14, 2020.

NCR has released information and pricing on their plans to support users for an additional year, beyond this date, for their SelfServ product line.

The other ATM Manufacturers are sure to follow.

Enhanced Offerings Cleaning Services:

Financial Institutions invest heavily in their ATM channel, which is why it is such a shame when the machines don’t get used because of their appearance.

Equips has a partner that can help!

Our ATM cleaning offering can be done on the frequency of your choice, monthly, quarterly, or just annually for a full exterior physical inspection.

Pictures of the site as well as any updates are uploaded and available online, and a full ADA survey is available to check that off your compliance list.

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