Equips + BLM Technologies = Problem Solved.

John Tauer, BLM VP of SalesEquips and BLM Technologies are the winning combination for successful, professional solutions in the financial services industry. Both companies recognize the value of customer engagement and benefits of long-term customer relationships, which makes their work together worth recognizing. We asked BLM Technologies’ John Tauer, Vice President of Sales, and Jimmy Dahlheimer, Account Executive, what makes them unique, from their employees to their culture as well as some success stories they have had while partnering with Equips.

Winning Partnership

What Makes BLM Technologies Unique?

Flex ForceBLM Technologies is a company that has built its 45+ year-long foundation on selling hardware and services to the financial industry. They have grown to more than 60 employees with several that have been there for 10-30+ years. With this level of experience, coupled with their size and culture, BLM is able to be nimble in making high-level decisions, granting approvals, and accommodating changes in working projects. With their fast success, BLM built a strong service organization called FlexForce to best serve their customers’ IT project, repairs, and other technical needs. FlexForce combines project management, service delivery – on-site and on-demand – drawing from their pool of thousands of FlexForce authorized technicians.

What Attributes Do You Look For in BLM Employees?

When we asked Tauer what attributes they look for in their employees, he quickly and assertively answered, “Hungry. Smart. Humble.” It may seem difficult to describe the perfect employee, but BLM is successful because they hire people who are well-rounded individuals that can help the company expand and grow. They look for hardworking, dedicated, energetic, and social individuals that can bring ideas to the company to make it better. “Without the team members who bring their A-game to the office or job site every day, we would not be the company we are today.”

What Is The Company Culture Like at BLM Technologies?

BLM Technologies heavily focuses on its Core Values. Tauer explains, “Each team is dedicated to their jobs but willing to help each other out as needed. Everyone carries a stake in what’s happening so there is a lot of support to meet department and company goals.”

What kinds of challenges do banks and credit unions have that other clients do not?

Dahlheimer describes his perspective of the financial industry compared to Healthcare, Education, Retail, etc. “I think the most glaring difference we see from the financial industry to other industries is how the FI is so heavily regulated, ultimately limiting their operational agility. For example, we work with a national financial institution that requires a level of background check only formidable for FI’s. While this can be time-consuming on the front end for our staff to run techs through the rigorous vetting process, it has actually allowed us to provide a premium quality tech for other clients we serve.”

“Another example would be implementing digital signage for FI’s. We have found that one of the biggest hurdles for Banks and Credit Unions to implement digital signage is getting approval from IT to run a cloud platform on their secure network. Ultimately a lot of data is coming in and out and we’ve implemented a couple of unique solutions to overcome this challenge. This has been eye-opening from an operational perspective to remove whole departments from the content approval process which then gives marketing the freedom to really be responsive to trends in their community and creative with their promotion of the financial institution.”

Problem Solved.

BLM has helped solve some of Equips’ client’s problems, corrected shipping errors, and found alternative lower rates for products. BLM worked with Equips to set up and ensure pricing on a specific set of toners for PenFed Credit Union that allowed us to continue a smooth process flow of submitting consumables orders for a selection of printers that would have otherwise had to be done manually by the service team from another provider. Their willingness to work with Equips and offer fair and competitive pricing on toner allowed for a continuation of a smooth flow of consumable ordering for all parties involved.

Success Story and Winning Partnerships

Success Story #1

BLM helped complete a service request that was a high priority. They ordered and shipped parts for another provider since the assigned provider was unable to locate the parts. BLM found the parts and the customer received them within a few business days. This allowed the local technician to go out and service the printer right away.

Success Story #2

PenFed had a site in Puerto Rico that was looking for an on-site service provider to fix a printer issue. With help from BLM’s Account Executive, we were able to quickly identify that BLM could service this printer. The technician was able to be on-site within a few days and had the printer running in no time.

Winning Partnership

BLM Technologies is proud of their FlexForce Program that includes technicians that are expertly trained, authorized, and certified. BLM leads the industry by partnering with manufacturers that provide a wide variety of repair and installation services, nationwide.

BLM gives their valued customers the on-demand and comprehensive solutions they need to keep their technology working as simply, quickly, and cost-efficiently as possible. Equips is proud to work closely with a like-minded company that puts the customer first and serves the industry in new, time-efficient and cost-effective ways.

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