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About the series

Our carefully curated lineup of speakers consists of thought leaders, industry experts, innovators, and visionaries from a wide range of fields. From entrepreneurs and scientists to artists and activists, each speaker brings a unique set of experiences and insights to our stage. This exclusive series is designed by Equips for our valued friends, customers, and partners.
Upcoming Events

Creating Accountable Teams

August 15, 2023 | 8am-12pm CST

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar featuring renowned speaker Eric Coryell. With his expertise in strategic positioning, accountability, and team development, Eric has helped numerous organizations achieve remarkable success.

Eric Coryell, Core Connections

About Eric Coryell

Eric Coryell is a distinguished graduate of the University of Wisconsin and brings a wealth of experience in team development. With a career spanning various leadership roles, from purchasing manager to CEO, Eric has honed his expertise in fostering accountability and driving organizational success. Recognizing the need for agile and customer-responsive organizations, he founded Core Connections, LLC over a decade ago, dedicated to helping organizations create accountable teams and achieve outstanding results.