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A note from our CEO

As the effects of COVID-19 increase in our community, our hearts are with all those involved. Early last week we began to organize for the ongoing support of our team and clients.

We have taken the following measures:

  • Discontinued all in-person visits, rescheduling with remote meeting tools.
  • Canceled any company related travel.
  • Setup remote tools for all employees.
  • Conducted deep cleaning sanitation of our office.
  • Activated our business continuity plans. For example, every role has at least one backup, key roles have multiple backups.
  • Contacted primary service partners to understand their business continuity plans.
  • Verify that all service providers are aware of CDC guidelines and are prepared to follow them during service events.
  • Reached out to our clients to make sure that they understand that we are open and available to support their team.
  • Given these actions, we do not expect our services to be disrupted. We will stay in close communication with our clients and service providers to make sure that everyone is aware of any changes as the situation continues to develop.

We are actively engaged in supporting our community through this time. We are all in this together and the entire team at Equips is focused on helping our clients minimize the disruption.

If you have any questions, you can always contact your account manager by e-mail, or by phone at 866-324-4508.

Stay well –

Adam York, CEO

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Financial Industry

Our solution is the perfect balance of expertise and technology, with the advantage of having one agreement for all your maintenance contracts. We generally are able to improve equipment uptime while reducing cost.

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We offer proactive management to support the uptime of your equipment, along with a streamlined process for requesting and tracking maintenance requests.

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Our team's background includes over 100 years of equipment management.


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We've see it all. Whether you're looking to coordinate equipment maintenance across 250 locations (or 2), we can help.


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