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We build amazing solutions

We help companies transform their maintenance management
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Not just work -
your best work.

Equips believes everyone should pursue work that brings them joy and inspiration. We are on a mission to revolutionize how businesses manage, maintain, and protect their facilities and assets. Our easy-to-use web platform has enabled businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries to improve operational efficiency and  do their best work. 

Our values

We hire around core values and competence, set clear expectations, and give people the freedom to do their best work.

Do the right thing

We strive to live with integrity and seek to understand the bigger ethical picture. Admitting mistakes requires vulnerability, yet we take responsibility for our actions and learn from them. We encourage others' perspectives because diversity creates better teams and a better product.

Impact players

Our employees are passionate about solving problems and find ways to make work better and smarter. It is no wonder that we built a product that does the same. We know that individual leaders drive our collective growth.

Drive to excellence

We work hard to achieve great results. We are committed to learning and improving ourselves and our teams. Our customers' success is at the heart of all we do and we are eager to deliver a world-class user experience.

Positive beat

We believe in being rational optimists and looking for the upside in any situation. Teamwork is at the core of our company values and platform experience; a win for one is a win for all. We embrace our real selves and encourage the best in others. We make time to create meaningful experiences.

Empowering teams to do their best work

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