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Here's to the Heroes: 4 Attributes of a Successful Service Coordinator

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What is a field service coordinator?

Field service coordinators (or service coordinators) act as a liaison between technicians, contractors, or other field workers and their clients. They are responsible for ensuring that these individuals have everything they need to do their jobs effectively. They may coordinate scheduling, purchase parts, arrange travel, etc., and typically serve as a point of contact for any questions or concerns that clients might have.

In the process of building Equips, we have had the opportunity to get to know people in a vital role – Service Coordinator. A great service coordinator, especially in a business to business (B2B) environment, is a powerful job. They become the face of the company to customers, and they are a hub of activity to the internal team. They ensure that all involved are on the same page, that deadlines are met, and that the overall service provided is of high quality.

We would like to celebrate the people who keep things moving and deliver great customer experiences!

Here are four attributes that we see in people who are great at this job:

Attribute #1: Communication

One of the key traits of a great service coordinator is strong communication skills. The ability to clearly and effectively communicate with different teams, departments and companies is essential for a service coordinator to be successful. This includes the ability to understand the needs and concerns of everyone involved, and to articulate those needs clearly and with an action plan.

While some interactions involve phone calls or in-person conversations, most of the work involves writing. This role writes – a lot! It means writing great e-mails that are short and pointed, as well as service notes in the tracking software. And don’t forget texting. Many technicians and customers prefer that channel.

Attribute #2: Organization

A great service coordinator can keep track of multiple projects and deadlines and is able to plan and prioritize tasks in a way that ensures that everything runs smoothly. They pay close attention to detail. Additionally, this person should be able to identify and address any potential issues before they become problems.

In short, they make order out of chaos. We often see that the easier they make life for the customer, the more difficult the work is for them! But they do it anyway, because of this next trait:

“Service coordinators are the unsung heroes of the service industry.”

Attribute #3: Customer Service

Successful service coordinators are incredible at customer service. This includes being able to anticipate the needs of customers and to provide solutions in a timely and efficient manner. This person should also be able to build and maintain strong relationships with customers and internal team. They become the hub on which everyone relies to get things done. They get to handle any complaints or issues that may arise – and do it in a professional and effective way.

Attribute #4: Adaptable

Finally, doing this role means being adaptable and able to think on their feet. This person adjusts to changing circumstances and makes quick decisions almost every day. They think strategically and come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Every day is a little different and much of it cannot be planned ahead of time. Work tends to come in waves. That makes it interesting, stressful, and for the best ones – very rewarding.

In summary, a great service coordinator in B2B is someone who hates being bored. Each day is a little different. But there is always a chance to win the day for customers and the team. Sometimes overlooked or underappreciated, we would like to change that today and celebrate the incredible people who do so much!

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