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Omni Family Health reduces work order entry time by 66% within weeks of implementation

Talking with Beatriz Eseberre, Service Coordinator

Incredible time savings
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Omni Family Health

Omni Family Health is a growing network of state-of-the-art health centers that offer high-quality primary and preventative healthcare to individuals and families.


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Favorite Features

Time tracking Ease of use Exceptional support

The challenge

Before Equips, the Omni facilities team was using a software that made it difficult to track what work was being done by which employees, and when. This meant that work was falling through the cracks. Inputting work order information was complicated and often required several hours to update.

The solution

"It used to take me a day and a half to create my work orders, now it takes me half a day."

- Beatriz Eseberre, Service Coordinator

Favorite things about Equips

– Time tracking: “I like that they are checking in and checking out because it’s actually making them be responsible for each work order. Now we know how long it took them, how many work orders they’re going to get done in a day and then we can follow up with the health center managers.”

– Ease-of-use: “Our team is really liking it… It is way easier to put notes in. In Equips, I put what I need, the job title and everything in one page and hit submit. It doesn’t take long.”

– Exceptional support: “They actually go above and beyond… I give them my suggestions and they try to work with it. I think the most I’ve waited for an answer is an hour.”

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