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Omni Family Health reduces work order entry time by 66% within weeks of implementation

“We can now see who’s actually doing the work and who’s not doing the work. And then we can see how long the work order has been open and ask the guys, ‘hey, why is this open?” In our old software I had to go back and count how many days it had been open. In Equips it actually has that for you. Now when I do my work orders, it takes me half a day, not a whole day and a half.”

Beatriz Eseberre, Service Coordinator

Incredible time savings
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Featured Customer Story

Teupen North America brings clarity to work order process for customers, technicians and managers

“The team’s biggest challenge was using paper work orders. Often those would get misplaced or lost… With Equips, there is no more confusion. The tasks are right there, the [techs] know exactly what has to be done. It is easy to keep track of everything.”

Danielle Johansen, Service Writer

From chaos to clarity
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