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Teupen North America brings clarity to work order process for customers, technicians and managers​

Talking with Danielle Johansen, Service Writer

From chaos to clarity
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Teupen North America

For more than 40 years, Teupen North America has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of compact track lifts used by construction, facility maintenance, tree care, window cleaning, sporting venues, and more. Teupen has built a solid reputation on their outstanding sales, service and training.


Charlotte, NC



Favorite Features

Time tracking Ease of use Preventive maintenance scheduling Checklists

The challenge

Before Equips, the Teupen service team relied on paper work orders and Microsoft Outlook to schedule and track their service. Work orders were often lost or misplaced and the team didn’t know who was supposed to be doing what.  The office staff spent hours each week tracking down customers and technicians to gather equipment and service details. Customers were frustrated because work was falling through the cracks.

The solution

"With Equips, there's no more confusion... The team knows exactly what has to be done. It is easy to keep track!"

- Danielle Johansen, Service Writer

Favorite things about Equips

– Time tracking: “A big part of my job is to create a final sales order for customers. When I do that, I have to go in and add each technician’s hours worked. Before Equips came along, this was very, very time consuming. I would have to track down each technician, ask them how many hours they worked, add them all up and put them on the bill. Now with time tracking, I can just login, look at the time calculated and add it to the sales order. That alone has improved time management for me and is making my day more productive… And there’s proof of it! Just the fact that I can show [the customers] what has been done and that it’s all documented has really changed my life.”

– Ease-of-use: “The program can basically be geared toward any user. It’s a very easy program to learn which makes it stress free.”

– Preventive maintenance scheduling: “The notifications help me keep track of scheduling for future appointments. A lot of times [customers] lose track, the say: ‘I don’t remember the last time my lift was there, can you tell me?’ Now it’s all right there. I can call them a few months prior to when they’re actually due and keep them on schedule with their maintenance easily.” 

– Checklists: “I can delegate tasks to the appropriate technician for the job that’s required. With the checklists, it makes it easy for them to go in and mark what they have done so there’s no more second guessing.”


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