Equips | Work Orders Made Easy

All your work order history in one place​

It is difficult to review maintenance history without a single source of data, let alone plan for the future. With Equips, it’s easy to automate your reporting and get the real-time data you need for better business decisions.

With all your work order information in one place, you can always see the big picture—or drill down into the details.

equips work order management

Access data and act on it easily, anytime

Save all your work orders so you can quickly review past requests, manuals, files, and compliance history.
equips work order software

Track time, expenses, and costs

Know what you are spending on parts, labor, and equipment to keep your business in budget.
equips mobile work order management

Plan and prioritize with precision

Visualize your maintenance history and analyze data to identify trends, understand performance and plan for improvements.

We know the value of good data, so here's ours

Number of customers with work orders made easier by Equips


Number of work orders submitted with Equips


Average time to submit work order with Equips

15 seconds


Do more in less time​

Work orders run smoother when you have the right tools to simplify and accelerate every step. ​


Coordinate with everyone from anywhere​

Easily communicate with customers, staff, or outside vendors, without having to play phone tag or wait for responses to email.

3-steps to easier work orders

1. Schedule your free consultation

Meet with a maintenance advisor to identify your software needs and business goals.

2. Make a Plan

Together we’ll develop a custom workflow to simplify your work order process.

3. Do your best work

We’ll guide you through the set-up process to make sure you’re ready for success.

Simplify your work orders. Empower your maintenance team.

With the one-stop platform for all your maintenance needs. Schedule a customized demo with our maintenance pros today.