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There's a better way to manage your maintenance.

Quickly see what work needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it.

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Work Order Management

Easily create, update and track work orders from anywhere, all in one place. Attach information, photos, and equipment manuals to work orders for easy access on the go. With real-time maintenance updates, you can always know who is fixing what, when.

Award-winning maintenance management

Among hundreds of competitors, Equips is one of the highest-rated and most popular maintenance management software.

Asset Management

Eliminate spreadsheets and build a register of all your assets, including model number, manufacturer, manuals, pictures, parts, and more. Schedule calendar-based preventive maintenance for each asset and keep your equipment running at its best.

Maintenance Reports

Get real-time maintenance insights to identify trends and take action to reduce your maintenance spend. See all your costs on parts, labor, and more for your assets. Leverage data to make smarter repair or replace decisions.
equips work order software data and tracking

The Equips Difference

The Equips solution was built with usability at the forefront of our minds because we believe that to gain the most out of your software, you need to be able to use it. When you implement Equips, you should be able to intuitively create a work order without any training. Our simple interface allows your team to start using the software right away. 

Your personal site is built with all the capabilities you need, but none that you don’t. Our team ensures that your site accurately reflects the needs of your business so that you can make data-driven facility management decisions.

Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you achieve your facility management goals, whether those be preventive maintenance, work order scheduling, asset management, and more. With a speedy response time and excellent customer satisfaction rating, you can be certain that we are always here to answer questions regarding your site, to maximize your return on investment, or to help you achieve your most complex objectives.

By selecting Equips as your maintenance management solution, you’re choosing a system that does it all. You will no longer need separate systems for maintenance requests, scheduling, and assets because it’s all possible in Equips.

Experience Equips and manage all your maintenance in one place.

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