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Creating Saved Views and Quick Views

Learn how to create saved views and quick views in Equips

How to create a saved view

Saved views are used to generate reports based on data within the app. Users can save their favorite reports for quick access or share views within their organization. 

Who can use this feature?

  • All users, except email-only roles
  • Available on all plans
  1. From your browser, click Service in the navigation menu. Then select View requests from the dropdown.
  2. Select from the top right to adjust the filters.
  3. Select from the top right to adjust the columns. 
  4. Click to save the current view.
  5. Name your saved view for future reference. Check the box at the bottom to share the saved view with your organization. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. To revisit saved views, click and select the report you wish to see. Or reference the Quick Views section from your dashboard. 

How to create a quick view

Using Quick Views allows for a fast and easy way to quickly return to any saved view. Quick views can be either Saved (private to the user) or Shared (open to the organization).
Quick Views can be accessed from anywhere by clicking on the Quick view button
icon in the navigation menu.

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