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State compliant cleaning services made easy. Never fail another inspection.

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All the tools you need to manage your kitchen maintenance and cleaning in just a few clicks.

Keep it Squeaky

With high rated cleaning professionals across the US, you can rest assured that your restaurant or commercial kitchen is as clean as opening day - every time.

Ensure Compliance

Whether you are in California or Maine, we have you covered. Have locations in multiple states? No problem. Our cleaning providers follow your state regulations to ensure you ace your inspections.

Schedule it

Want cleaning four times a year? Twice a month? You determine the frequency and time of day then pick from trusted cleaners near you. Set it and forget it.

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Smart Cleaning Services

Top Rated Cleaners Near You

Find top rated deep cleaning professionals that meet your state regulations. Schedule cleanings on repeated basis, or whenever you need it. Ensure your restaurant or commercial kitchen is clean and compliant all year long. Clean, the smart way.

Ready to keep your restaurant or commercial kitchen squeaky clean?

Book Deep Cleaning services today with one easy step.