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The Maintenance Solution for First Responders

Seamless communication, maximized efficiency; Equips helps first responders to effortlessly digitize their maintenance process - and always be ready to respond when duty calls.

Maintenance management for first responders
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Work 100 % digitally

Shuffling paperwork back and forth and filing forms isn't your world. Time to bring maintenance management into the now, too.

Time for what matters

Equips helps you oversee maintenance tasks faster and easier. Re-think your facility management and focus more on saving lives.

Better team culture

No more analog paper processes and lost maintenance requests: With Equips, teams work happier - and more productively.

Simple facility maintenance for when every minute matters

Digital work order management

Whether it's 5 or 50 work orders a month, Equips brings efficiency to your work order management. Equips allows team members to easily capture images of maintenance issues from their phone and automatically create a work order. Digital approval flows minimize errors caused by manual typing, and saves your stations from critical equipment downtime.

Effortless transformation

During implementation, our support team will personally assist you to get started with Equips quickly and smoothly. Once your account is set up, you can invite team members to Equips and create customized permissions for every role. Adding external parties to the conversation is just as easy. Loop in your local government and contractors at the touch of a button.

Real-time budgets and reporting

Where does the money go? Equips brings all maintenance expenses together in one place for real-time monitoring and budget clarity. With custom reports, you can track work orders, assets and maintenance history in just a few clicks.

Experience Equips now and manage all your maintenance in one place.

Schedule a customized demo with our maintenance pros today.