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Hassle free equipment maintenance

With Equips simple CMMS, you can keep your gym running smoothly and looking great. Because you want to be breaking records not equipment.

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Get fixed faster

Easily create a maintenance request when assets break. We'll automatically dispatch the request to your preferred service provider for faster response time.

Automate your workflows

Rethink your gym maintenance. Automate repetitive processes for better ROI on expensive rowing machines and treadmills and prevent injuries.

Make better decisions

Equips brings all your maintenance data together in one place. Monitor asset health over time and get a birds-eye view of costs for better budgets.

Easy maintenance for optimal gym performance.

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Speedy equipment repairs

Treadmill not working? Just upload a photo to our web-based platform and we will automatically dispatch your request to a qualified expert within seconds. Equips will handle everything from scheduling to invoicing and payments. Yes, it's that easy.

Cover your assets

Equips is easy to use and designed for same-day implementation. From fitness equipment to pools, add any asset from your facility and we'll keep track of all the details, including purchase date, warranty and maintenance history. No more fumbling through paper and endless spreadsheets.

Because we all love savings

By using a maintenance management software to schedule and track your preventive maintenance, you’ll reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and unexpected equipment downtime. And with easy access to all the data, you can make smarter replace-or-repair decisions.

Experience Equips now and manage your gym maintenance in one place.

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