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With affordable maintenance management programs for your healthcare equipment, Equips offers sustainable savings and operational efficiencies for your business

The Equips Advantage

Our Equipment Maintenance Management Program consolidates your equipment maintenance contracts into one easily manageable comprehensive Maintenance Service Agreement, assuming the financial risk of equipment repairs as they occur while saving you 15-20% annually. We offer a variety of custom programs specifically designed to meet your unique operational and financial needs.

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Manage all your assets end to end

Cost Savings

Annual savings generally range from 15% to 20% off OEM service agreements.

Vendor Control

Customer retains the ability to select their service provider without restriction. Equips can also recommend qualified service partners if the customer would like to explore alternative service providers.

Capped Costs

Program costs remain fixed for the term of the Agreement without budget overruns or costly out of scope costs.

Management Control

Extensive online equipment inventory and repair activity reporting aid in making you a more effective manager of your assets.

Lifecycle Management

Holistic equipment maintenance management of all covered assets results in guaranteed annual cost savings, increased uptime, and an overall extended equipment useful life.

Administrative Savings

Eliminates duplication and inefficiencies associated with managing multiple service agreements with multiple service providers.

Do it all on software that is easy to use

Ditch the spreadsheets and start managing your equipment, providers, and internal team in one place

Cut downtime

Time is money. Prevent costly, unplanned downtime and get your preferred providers the right information automatically.

Unify processes

Build better workflows. Set one predictable process for both internal work orders and external service providers.

Save resources

Eliminate waste and digitize equipment management. Provide a better experience for both your employees and customers.

One place, one process

Gain visibility to all equipment across locations and dispatch service providers in as little as 15 seconds

healthcare preventive maintenance scheduling

More peace of mind with preventive maintenance

Shift your maintenance strategy from reactive to preventive to help you avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns and costly downtime.

Smart dispatch for your preferred provider

When things break, get them fixed faster. From ATMs to plumbing and more, get all of your providers in one place for your team to dispatch in 15 seconds or less.

Take the guesswork out of who to contact and auto-dispatch your preferred providers. Give people the right information with built-in location & equipment information.

equips work order software
equips work order management

Streamline maintenance with work order routing

Give your team one place to go for help, whether it's for IT, grounds, retail, facilities, or security issues.

Streamline the flow of requests to one channel. Avoid email follow-ups, missed calls. and in-person interruptions and take back control of your day.

About Equips

Equips is revolutionizing how people manage, maintain and protect critical equipment. Our all-in-one equipment management solution combines smart technology with flexible protection. Ditch the spreadsheets and start managing your equipment, providers, and internal team in one place.

Tools for easier equipment maintenance

Cloud-based inventory list

Manage all your critical equipment, across all locations, from anywhere.

Chronic issue alerts

Prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs. Get notifications on underperforming equipment and fix it.

Customizable dashboard

Get at-a-glance insights to make data-driven decisions about priority locations and equipment.

Unlimited data storage

Your data, stored forever. Say goodbye to filing cabinets and binders and hello to anywhere access at your fingertips.

Maintenance tracking

Get real-time updates on issues as they occur. Stay in the know about the status of equipment and maintenance at every location.

Single source billing

Avoid billing errors and overcharges. Match invoices to issues and pay all of your providers from one place.

Preventive maintenance scheduler

Set it and forget it. Automatically schedule and keep a record of PMs for all equipment.

Consumable orders

From toner to envelopes, order what you need directly from the app, and ship it to the right location.

Helping companies thrive since 2008

We recently switched to Equips for our service agreements. We began noticing significant savings immediately. The implementation of the program was seamless and couldn’t have gone better. The Equips Team is very responsive to our needs. If you are looking to reduce your costs on your service agreements, then this program is for you. We are looking forward to continued savings and excellent service.

Optimize your equipment performance


  • Angiographic system
  • C-Arm system
  • Chest units
  • CT scanners
  • Cystographic units
  • Dental units
  • Digital imaging systems
  • Fluoroscopic imaging systems
  • Mammography units
  • Mobile radiographic units
  • MRI systems
  • PACS
  • Radiology information systems
  • Specialist radiographic units
  • Tomographic units

Nuclear Medicine

  • Computers
  • Crystals
  • Dose calibrators
  • Gamma camera
  • Gamma counters
  • Laser imagers
  • Multi-format camera

Function Lab/Respiratory Therapy

  • Co-oximeters
  • Plethysmographs
  • Pulmonary function systems
  • Sleep labs


  • Blood culture units
  • Centrifuges
  • Chemistry analyzers
  • Coagulation analyzers
  • DNA analyzers
  • Hematology analyzers
  • Immunoassay analyzers


  • Arrhythmia computers
  • Cardiac cath systems
  • Cardiac output computers
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Electroencephalographs
  • Intra-aortic balloon pumps
  • Monitoring systems
  • Patient data management
  • Stress test systems
  • Telemetry systems

Clinical/Research Lab

  • Blood gas analyzers
  • Cell savers
  • Cell washers
  • Chromatographs
  • Clinical analyzers
  • Densitometers
  • DNA synthesizers
  • Electron microscopes
  • Electrophoresis equipment
  • Flame photometers
  • Gamma counters
  • Hemoglobinometers
  • HPLC
  • Microscopes
  • Osmometers
  • Spectrophotometers


  • Biomedical equipment
  • Central services equipment
  • Communication systems
  • Computer hardware
  • Data processing equipment
  • Networks & servers
  • Office automation
  • OT/PT equipment
  • Radiology oncology
  • Security systems
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound

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