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Easy restaurant maintenance software

Equips simplifies your restaurant maintenance with an all-in-one platform for a seamless customer experience.

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Decrease downtime

Submit a service request in less than 15 seconds to automatically dispatch your preferred technician for faster response time.

Ensure compliance

With a comprehensive maintenance history, it's now easier than ever to receive a perfect score on every inspection.

Improve efficiency

Maximize your budget and boost efficiency with preventive maintenance scheduling and unlimited work orders in every plam .

All the tools you need to manage your restaurant maintenance in just a few clicks

Work order management

Whether you need preventive maintenance, reactive, or both, we’ve got you covered. With automatic dispatch and routing, easily submit a service request to your preferred technician in as little as 15 seconds. Our end-to-end platform will handle everything from scheduling to invoicing and payments.

Cover your assets

Equips is easy to use and designed for same-day implementation. From HVAC to walk-in freezers, add any asset from your restaurant and we'll keep track of all the details, including purchase date, warranty and maintenance history. No more fumbling through paper and endless spreadsheets.

Smart maintenance

Equips preventive maintenance for restaurants will help you reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and unexpected closings. And with easy access to all the data, you can make smarter replace-or-repair decisions.

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