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Make work orders a breeze

Empower your maintenance team.

Create, approve, assign and track work orders with one easy-to-use software.


Equips is built for everyone, not just maintenance teams. Schedule work orders with a click of a button then plan and structure workflows how you want them.

Digital and transparent

Maintenance management with Equips visualizes every step - from work request to approval and payment. Enjoy a world with real-time progress updates.

Save time and money

Save big by avoiding downtime and increasing equipment reliability and availability with preventive maintenance.

equips work order management

Paperless maintenance

Modernize the way you work with digital work order management.

Effortless work order management

Manage all incoming work orders with Equips. Easy, automated and in one place.
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equips mobile work order management

Super smooth communication

Connect with your team and technicians all in one place. Provide clarity for everyone with automated updates on work order status. ​

Real-time maintenance insights

Gather all work history in one place and manage assets without spreadsheets or complex software.
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Get up and running in 30 minutes

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What our customers love

"As a company, we are very pleased with Equips and having one place to go for all our equipment service needs."
Gary W
Procurement and Contracts
"Equips interface and notification system makes tracking our equipment and maintenance a breeze. The interconnectivity with vendors and technicians takes the difficulty out of keeping us "up and running."
Joshua R
"Equips handles all the difficult aspects of managing various vendors so we can focus on our core business."
Daniel M
Director of IT

Simplify your work orders. Empower your maintenance team.

With the one-stop platform for all your maintenance needs. Schedule a customized demo with our maintenance pros today.