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Optimize your clinic with the easy-to-use maintenance software that tracks inventory, schedules equipment maintenance, and connects you with certified technicians for all your repair needs.

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All the tools you need to manage your maintenance, assets, and facilities in just a few clicks.

Focus more on patient care

Quickly resolve equipment malfunctions and facility issues to ensure patient safety and compliance.

Ensure safety and compliance

Keep track of important safety documents and maintenance records so that passing safety inspections is a breeze.

Keep the clinic running smoothly

Schedule ahead with preventive maintenance so that your clinic always stays patient ready.

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On-Demand Technician Network

Whether your medical equipment needs repair, calibration, or maintenance, our on-demand network will automatically match you with a certified technician within moments. From start to finish, we’ve got your clinic covered with upfront pricing, on-call service, and easy billing.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

Schedule annual maintenance or inspections in a few easy clicks. Preventive maintenance keeps your clinic running smoothly so you can spend less time worried about broken equipment and more time caring for patients.

Inventory Management

When you know the status of your assets, you can plan smarter and work better. Track the health of your critical assets to see which equipment is underperforming and know when to repair or replace. Plus, you’ll see how your asset is performing compared to other similar items in our database so you can plan accordingly.

What users are saying

"As a company, we are very pleased with Equips and having one place to go for all our equipment service needs."
Gary W
Procurement and Contracts
"Equips interface and notification system makes tracking our equipment and maintenance a breeze. The interconnectivity with vendors and technicians takes the difficulty out of keeping us "up and running."
Joshua R
"Equips handles all the difficult aspects of managing various vendors so we can focus on our core business."
Daniel M
Director of IT

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