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$50per user, per month
  • ✓ Smart request software for corrective maintenance
  • ✓ Preventive Maintenance Scheduler
  • ✓ Escalation Protocols
  • ✓ Cloud-based Inventory
  • ✓ Custom User Notifications
  • ✓ Automated Workflows
  • ✓ Service Request Dashboard
  • ✓ Maintenance History
  • ✓ Mobile Friendly
  • ✓ Technician Check In/Out
  • ✓ Basic Reporting
  • ✓ Up to 25 Equipment Profiles


$125per user, per month
  • ✓ Includes Basic Features
  • ✓ Dedicated Account Support Team
  • ✓ Facilities and Property Management Request Tracking
  • ✓ QR Code Asset Tagging
  • ✓ Chronic Issue Insights
  • ✓ Document Upload
  • ✓ Invoice Upload
  • ✓ Custom Roles
  • ✓One-to-one User Training
  • ✓ Advanced Reporting
  • ✓ Up to 100 Equipment Profiles


AskCustom Quote, Unlimited Users
  • ✓ Includes Pro Features
  • ✓ Special Projects
  • ✓ Single Sign-on
  • ✓ Vendor Management
  • ✓ Automated Preventive Maintenance Scheduler
  • ✓ Onsite Training
  • ✓ Custom Reporting
  • ✓ Unlimited Equipment Profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

Equips is proud to provide equipment management services for modern businesses. We keep an extensive network of maintenance providers and practice active management, allowing us to increase the level of service for your equipment while reducing your costs.

Additionally, we provide a single source and process for all of your equipment maintenance needs. Your employees will no longer have to remember which maintenance issues get reported where. They simply report the issue in our easy to use online portal, and we take care of the rest. No hassle, no fuss, no worries.

From a management perspective, you’ll enjoy comprehensive reporting without spending hours pulling each individual vendor’s data.

At Equips, we strive to give our clients the freedom to do their best work. Tracking, escalating, and managing service events is something that our team specializes in. Your team should be focusing on your business, so let us take that work off your plate.

We are constantly identifying industry trends and technology advancements so that we can remain a resource for our clients when making key capital investments. This knowledge, backed by the years of data that we have aggregated on things like fail rates and total cost of ownership, has helped our clients make informed decisions.

One of the best features of the Equips program is the flexibility. Your current vendors could be performing quite well at times, but what if your favorite technician goes to work for another service provider? Or you replace equipment under a three-year agreement with the OEM? At Equips, we work to make sure you have the best possible service provider maintaining your equipment, and we do not penalize you when you replace equipment on our program.

We value simplicity and freedom of choice. We have relationships with more than 500 different vendors, giving you access to an expanded pool of resources, as opposed to just the companies you currently sign contracts with. With Equips advocating for you, you no longer have long-term commitments to one vendor. If you want to make any changes, we’ll handle it.

We’re totally supportive of the providers you like! Equips is vendor neutral – which means YOU select your vendors. We encourage keeping existing maintenance providers in place if you’re happy with their service. (If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) We can work with over 500 service providers across the U.S., and we support your long-term relationships with local technicians. We might even already work with your vendor!

Thanks to marketplace competition, most clients report improved quality of service and response time on the Equips plan (as evidenced by our 95%+ renewal rate!) We actively manage each event and measure performance, so all service providers have good motivation to provide thorough and timely service. We spot service issues early and address them right away. If ever you’re unhappy with the level of service, we can help you select a new provider.

We do NOT ask you to break existing contracts. We migrate equipment on to your plan only as items come up for renewal, so you don’t have to spend any extra to switch. We can also pro-rate to ensure all equipment is on one, common expiration date. In the interim, you are still able to use Equips for managing all of your day-to-day services, even if the item is under a coverage plan directly with the vendor. It’s easy and painless, and we do all the work directly with the vendors as transition dates come up, leaving you to worry about what matters most.

The Equips program is designed to ENHANCE your existing internal processes/systems — not replace them. We provide centralized online management system tools, giving your internal staff a single source management system for all inventory, service history, and performance. Equips also gives you expertise related to preventative maintenance, equipment life cycle management, and data to help with decision-making and budgeting processes.

The Equips Program will reduce costs, not add to your expenses. Most of our clients experience an immediate savings (typically 12-20%) which will fall right to your bottom-line, allowing more room in your budget for other priorities that will enhance your business.

We know time is money, which is why we strive to provide you with a thorough analysis based on minimal, easily acquired information that we collect from your current contract invoices. Our experienced team handles all the legwork on the initial review, and once you start, the entire process is guided by a dedicated account manager, providing you with a seamless transition to the Equips program. We handle every single step for vendor coordination, implementation and staff on-boarding, so there’s very little time investment from you and your staff.

Equips Maintenance Management is the Right Solution for many companies.

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